Pregnancy and birth deliver the wonders of new life. Pregnancy reminds the world that no man-made creation compares to the magnificence of new life being constructed in the womb. Many soon-to-be parents, taught by the medical standard of care, treat pregnancy like a disease or dangerous condition that requires consistent medical intervention. Chiropractic wants to bring peace and encouragement to expectant parents with an assurance that pregnancy and birth occur as normally as eating and sleeping. The same inborn intelligence that creates a baby will also birth that baby and keep it healthy from birth until death.

december-news-2016-nine-amazing-benefits-of-adjustments-for-pregnant-womenPhysical and emotional stress occur naturally throughout the normal and natural process of pregnancy. The spine bears the most remarkable load of stress. Pregnancy induces a significant strain on the spine and pelvis. The pelvis rocks forward as the developing fetus increases in size, forcing muscles in the low back to tighten up and the pelvic joints to become dysfunctional. Approximately 75% of pregnant women experience one or more episodes of low back pain due to the added strain.

Many women turn to Chiropractic care as a solution to the search for natural care and remedies that avoid toxic chemicals harmful to the fetus. Chiropractors uniquely specialize in care of the human spine and nervous system and serve millions of people as the second largest system of health professionals in the world. Small areas of stiffness and misalignment in the spine and pelvis produce imbalances in the central nervous system. These subluxations and vertebral misalignments create subsequent nervous system interference that interferes with a mother’s natural ability to carry, labor, and birth her baby. Research shows that regular Chiropractic check-ups and adjustments improve the labor and delivery process along with producing faster births and a decreased need for drugs and intervention.

A study published in 2012 showed that spinal adjustive care performed on pregnant women resulted in a decreased risk of meconium-stained amniotic fluid, decreased use of forceps during delivery, decreased likelihood of having a preterm baby, decreased duration of labor, decreased blood pressure, decreased fluid overload, decreased sacroiliac dysfunction, decreased low back pain, and decreased carpal tunnel symptoms. A simple correlation exists between the health of the nervous system and the health of a pregnant mother and child.

Science and research continue to reveal the benefits achieved through regular Chiropractic care for pregnant women. The advantages trace back to the intimate relationship between the spine and the brain. The small spinal misalignments and areas of stiffness (subluxations) negatively influence the brain and increase stress hormones throughout the body. Reducing areas of subluxation restores brain function and lowers stress hormones. Every pregnant woman and mother-to-be deserves the opportunity to understand and experience the benefits of Chiropractic care on their health, pregnancy, and labor.

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Lavelle JM