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The following are actual patient reviews from patients treated by our doctors:

Health Condition: Neck Pain

Comments: I was impending surgery for a neck condition last fall. I decided to go see Jeff as my final option before surgery. After a few months, the tingling in my arm stopped and the pain in my neck is now under control. I was going 3 times a week when I started, but now I only have to go once a month. I would recommend Jeff and his staff to anyone; they are very friendly and knowledgeable!!!

~ Becky D.


Health Condition: Back Pain

Comments: Cedar Park Chiropractic is a wonderful office with extremely nice and knowledgeable people that have changed my life for the better. I was new to the chiropractic experience not too long ago and began seeing Dr. Jeff Swanson when I had a terrible backache that just would not go away. After only a few sessions I was feeling the benefits and was well on my way to a full recovery. In the months since, my backache is completely gone, however I am still seeing Dr. Swanson for regular appointments to help issues like posture and work related stresses. Anyone can and should see a chiropractor whether you have major pains or just minor irritations. You will walk out feeling the benefits! The best part about it? There are no side effects! It makes you feel better and you have nothing to lose. I highly recommend this office in all aspects of a professional, worth-while and beneficial medical experience.

~ Elle A.


Health Condition: Headaches

Comments: This place was just what we needed. My nine year old son was having daily headaches. After seeing a dentist, optometrist, ophthalmologist and an allergist, we started at Cedar Park Chiropractic. They took a personal interest in my son. They are so nice, and the whole atmosphere is comfortable. My son loves going and he knows it was making him better. The headaches have been minimized greatly and are almost completely gone. The office has convenient hours and worked well with my insurance. I typically don’t wait at all. They were the answer to our prayers for guidance on how to treat my son for sure! I will recommend them to anyone!

~ Erin A for Jack A


Health Condition: Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident

Comments: This place is simply fantastic. I was in a car accident and had some lingering pain and injuries that I just couldn’t shake when someone recommended this clinic to me. I’ve never seen a chiropractor before, but I was willing to give it a shot. Since then, my pain has greatly diminished and I feel as if my overall health has improved. I consider myself very lucky for finding them! Both Dr. Jeff and Dr. Justin are excellent, and the staff is wonderful and sweet. I rarely wait during a visit and the office is beautiful. Give it a shot – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

~ Carri T.


Health Condition: Lower Back Pain

Comments: Recently I hurt my back – I hadn’t seen a chiropractor in years – but really needed my back to feel better so I could take a business trip. Dr. Swanson (and the entire office) is great – after my first visit, I immediately felt better. They are reliable, friendly, and excellent at their jobs!

~ Peggy E.


Health Condition: Low Back & Neck Pain

Comments: After a recent auto accident I visited Dr. Swanson’s practice and have had excellent results. His knowledge and techniques for treating patients are spot-on. His office operates smoothly and he has a top-notch staff working with him. This is by far the best chiropractic experience I have had in 45 years across 5 states. This business has earned my strongest recommendation to family and friends.

~ Art V.


Health Condition: Low back pain

Comments: What a terrific place; the people are what make the difference. Dr. Jeff Swanson is where the excellent service begins. Everyone there is tops as far as customer service. When I telephone places of business today I usually get an answering machine (voicemail) and very impersonal service, if any service at all. At Cedar Park Chiropractic you usually get to talk to Libby first, a caring, competent person who gladly answers your questions and gets you in touch with Dr. Jeff or one his associates. From top to bottom you are treated professionally and promptly. I go for my treatments and have had family members to there also. We all rave about the place.

Phone them yourself, you’ll be happy you did.

~ Rex B.


Health Condition: Neck Pain

Comments: I’ve been seeing Dr. Swanson for about 5 years now and the care I receive at his office is always outstanding. He is very skilled, and his staff is always efficient and professional. The office hours are also very convenient and it’s easy to get an appointment at the time you need it. Very highly recommended!

~ Kelley M.


Health Condition: Low Back Pain & Pain at the base of my neck

Comments: I feel nothing short of blessed to have found this office! From the friendly front desk workers, through the clean and efficient flow of the space, to the skill and confidence of Dr. Swanson…I have felt nothing but safe, secure, and in the best hands possible. When I selected them based on their website, I hoped the experience would be half as good as what I saw represented. It was better! I have gone from being in so much pain that I couldn’t work, let alone sit/stand/lay down without pain, to now feeling better than I did before my injury and total misalignment. Whether you are feeling just a little “off”, or are experiencing serious pain, I don’t hesitate in recommending Dr. Swanson and his crew. Expect to be greeted by your first name, seen immediately, and looked after vigilantly until you feel SO much better (and that won’t take long!) If you want to be “well adjusted”, make an appointment today!

~ Phaedra F.


Health Condition: Back pain due to work place injury

Comments: I have been utilizing chiropractic care since college (and that’s 20+ yrs ago) and Dr. Swanson is, by far, the best adjuster I’ve experienced. I have followed him from his old office to new, had to use another doctor closer to my previous employer and ultimately returned to where I began. My serious back pain started after a fall at my place of work in 2002 and I suffered for months until my boss actually barred me from work until I got help! My then employer told me that I was pale faced and wet with sweat and ultimately not able to focus on my tasks due to my pain and recommended the nearest chiropractor… that just happened to be Dr. Jeff Swanson. He quickly relieved my pain and set up an ongoing recovery plan to keep me healthy. Seven years later I am still one of his biggest fans. His lovely office reeks of warmth, hospitality, comfort and relaxation… if they allowed me to I’d take a nap every visit on their therapy table! The staff is always so nice and accommodating that you just don’t want to leave. They never rush you if you are running late and consistently go the extra mile to fit you in to their busy schedule on any given day. Dr. Swanson listens to your every word/complaint and then does all he can to relieve your pain with the softest of touch and bedside manner. Why go anywhere else? I’m hooked for life! Thanks Dr. Swanson and staff, you are the BEST!!!

~ Dawn G.


Health Condition: Herniated discs in low back

Comments: Dr. Swanson, Libby, and Katie are very personable individuals whom are attentive to their clients needs. The team makes every effort to schedule appointments even in “emergency” situations. I have been a patient at Cedar Park Chiropractic for several years, and minus the minor hiccups (brought on by my active lifestyle – runner/ golfer), have been pain free. I have two herniated discs in my lower back and prior to a co-workers recommendation thought only surgery would correct my situation. Needless to say, I am very pleased to have found CPC and have no plans to seek wellness elsewhere. I highly encourage anyone out there with back issues to visit this establishment.

~ Jimmy V.


Health Condition: Disc herniation

Comments: I was always very skeptical of chiropractic, as I had heard some practitioners make ridiculous claims about what it could for you. However, about three years ago I hurt my back (herniated a disc) and anti-inflammatories and physical therapy were only mitigating, not eliminating, the pain and weakness in my back. After over a year and a half of daily suffering, my family physician recommended that I try going next door to Cedar Park Chiropractic. As I said, I was skeptical, but I was so desperate at that point that I would have tried anything. To make a long story shorter, within three treatments (one week) my back pain was vastly relieved, and within 6 treatments all of the pain was gone. By the 12th treatment my back had not felt that good in years. Needless to say, Dr. Swanson and his staff did an excellent job in taking care of my back pain, and I am extremely grateful. If you think that you might benefit from visiting a chiropractor, no matter how skeptical you might be, I would heartily recommend that the you consider visiting Dr. Swanson at Cedar Park Chiropractic!

~ Shaune S.


Health Condition: Pain in left shoulder; inability to turn head to the left.

Comments: I went to see Dr. Swanson because I could not turn my head to the left, and was experiencing great pain in my left shoulder. I had difficulty performing any weight bearing task with my left arm due to that pain. I also had very limited range of motion turning my head to the left. I had a sharp pain from my left hip going down my left leg. Dr. Swanson’s treatments had immediate results. Each visit I was able to see improvement in my ability to increase my range of motion, and a decrease in the pain I was experiencing. I am now back to doing weight bearing exercise, and my daily quality of life is back to normal. I feel the problems I initially consulted Dr. Swanson about are in check, and I have decided to continue treatments with him. As my initial injuries were addressed, I also started seeing improvements in other areas of my body where I had tension or stiffness that I had attributed to just getting older! I am amazed at how much better I feel, and that aches and pains I thought were just a part of life as I grew older, have lessened or gone away completely!

~ Ellie Z.


Health Condition: Neck pain; prior treatment for pregnancy related back pain.

Comments: When I was pregnant I couldn’t walk w/o nearly double at waist, but so long as I made my weekly appt. I was fine. Now I have been dealing with neck pain I dealt with several doctors and risky meds to no avail. 1st visit with Dr. Swanson and immediately got some relief, and have improved each visit since. He spends more time than your average doctor with his patients, and his staff is friendly. Always a good experience, and you never wait very long either. Really skilled practice that will fix up many health problem.

~ Shannon A.


Health Condition: Very sore and stiff neck every morning while getting out of bed. During the night I noticed that my right arm and hand were numb; this would wake me up nightly at least 2-3 times a day, every day!

Comments: I wasn’t sure when I first started going to Dr. Swanson that he could help me at all; I had never been to a chiropractor before. After just a few visits my neck pain is gone and my arm numbness is so much better; it is amazing how quickly the treatments have helped. I sleep much better at night and I am much more rested during the day now.

~ Susan W.


Health Condition: Back and shoulder injury

Comments: I was injured six years ago rescuing a patient from a boat wreck. I was given pain management drugs and treated through workman’s compensation for two months. The powerful medication blocked more than the pain; I believe it caused me to lost touch with my body. I finally convinced the Doctors that I was tired of being “high;” I went back to work and have been in pain ever since. Cedar Park Chiropractic has made a dramatic improvement in my life. I do not have to take pain medication constantly; I was taking up to 40mg of Vicodin daily. It no longer hurts to walk, I am swimming without pain; I think I am nearly back to being me again. I don’t feel old anymore…I’m only 36. Thanks be to God, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Justin, and Libby for all that they have done.

~ Mark P.


Health Condition: Neck and Back Injury (Auto Accident)

Comments: I was involved in an auto accident in October 2008. I received injuries to my neck and back. Immediately, I sought treatment at Cedar Park Chiropractic, which I found by Google-ing “Cedar Park Chiropractor”. I got lucky Google results, because they are an outstanding practice! Dr. Jeff, Dr. Justin and Libby were so friendly and helpful from the very beginning. When you are frustrated and in pain it is a great feeling to have doctors that are understanding and goal-oriented. The pain in my back and neck were severe when I began treatment to the extent that it was difficult for me to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Also, I have been experience migraine headaches on a fairly normal basis for the better part of my life. A few weeks into treatment, I started noticing results. I could tell that it was easier to work at the computer for longer periods of time. I also noticed that I wasn’t having any major headaches. With several months of treatment, the results were consistent. The pain dwindled down to pre-injury status. Shortly thereafter, I noticed that I was actually feeling better than I did before the accident. Since treatment, I have noticed that I rarely have migraines. They are much more “few and far between” than they used to be. As a matter of fact, I might have had one migraine in the past 6 months. As opposed to the typical once a week, which I experienced pre-treatment. So, not only were they able to help re-align my spine, but they were able to minimize the frequency of my migraines. They have also taught me different exercises I can do at home to help improve my condition and keep my neck strong. Overall, the experience I have had with Cedar Park Chiropractic has been impressive. I would recommend this group to anyone who has received an injury, or anyone who has problems with migraine headaches. I didn’t even expect to have relief from my migraines out of this experience. I thought they would never end, and I was just stuck with constant migraines for life. Well, not anymore. What a great surprise!

I hereby give permission to Dr. Swanson, D.C. to use my patient success story, in order to help educate the community as to the benefits of the integrated healthcare which I have received at his office.

~ Melanie


Health Condition: When I arrived two months ago I was suffering from numbness in the right arm, loss of strength in my right hand, and very tender areas in my neck.

Comments: The treatment I have received has completely eliminated all the problems I was experiencing. It is truly amazing the improvement I have made in the past two months. Dr. Swanson does an amazing job and the staff has been extremely courteous, helpful, and patient.

~ Keith B.


Health Condition: Acid Reflux

Dr. Swanson and his staff saved my baby girl from acid reflux and me from a mental breakdown!

My nearly 5 month old had SEVERE acid reflux pretty much from the day she was born. Her pediatrician couldn’t help after prescribing 3 different medications so we moved onto a specialist who prescribed another 3 stronger medications. Spit-up wasn’t the issue, it was the intense crying (some call it colic, but doctors are finding that more than 50% of babies actually have acid reflux and not a gas issue like they had initially thought). My baby girl spent the first nearly 4 months of her life crying every night from 7pm to midnight. She started to refuse to eat and wasn’t gaining weight. I was exhausted, depressed and desperate to help my poor baby girl. At this point the doctors told me that I would just have to wait until she grew out of it, which would be around 6 to 8 months. A friend of mine suggested that I see Dr. Jeff Swanson because she knew he had treated infants for this condition before. I thought it was crazy that a back adjustment could help an acid issue, especially when 6 strong medications couldn’t but it made a little bit of sense that something natural could help instead of medicines with side effects. Dr. Jeff took the time to explain to me about how infants in the womb, and the birthing process can cause the babies backs to become unaligned and that because of where the nerves sit on the spine, the nerves keep firing and sending signals to the brain to create more acid. He spent plenty of time answering my questions. After I felt comfortable, he gently adjusted my baby and thought it would take several adjustments before we saw results. Well, that night my little girl was finally a calm, relaxed, happy baby. She has gone back once a week and we haven’t had any more nights where she screamed in pain. She is gaining weight steadily and now is such a joy to be around. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am for Dr. Jeff. He changed our lives and I would recommend him and wonderful, caring staff to anyone!

Pros: everything

Cons: I didn’t find him sooner

10/03/2008 Posted by vrankin on


Health Condition: Low back pain for 14 years

Comments: My condition is much improved. I have had lower back pain for 14 years and just thought that was life for me. Now I have pain free times and it’s awesome! For years I haven’t been able to lie on my back or stomach anywhere, bed or floor, and now I can. YIPEE!

~ Morgan C.


Health Condition: It would get very painful from my right ear down the neck to my shoulder, next to my right shoulder blade, down the back of my arm, and in two of my fingers.

Comments: When I came in the first time I was still in a little pain from my last episode. The treatment was started right away and I could feel the results right away. Since that day I have not had the problem. I would always get this pain when I would sleep and it would wake me up, but not anymore; now Elliot is the only thing waking me up at night. I have been very happy with the professionalism of the staff and if I ever have another problem I will come back to Dr. Swanson.

~ Wayne O.


Health Condition: Bulging disc in lower lumbar and curving of lower vertebrae into pelvis.

Comments: I am so thankful that in only a month’s time to be virtually pain free and physically active again. I have suffered off and on from various back, shoulder, and neck pain for over 15 years. I hope to continue treatment and know that I will soon look forward to being able to maintain the health of my back instead of receiving treatment for the chronic pain. I am very impressed with the personal care and attention I’ve received from Dr. Swanson and all of his staff. I would highly recommend their services to anyone suffering from chronic or acute pain.

~ Holly R.


Health Condition: Low back pain, hip pain, shoulder and neck pain

Comments: What a fabulous customer experience you provide! Not only are the care and results experienced by Dr Swanson exceptional, but the efficiency and graciousness of everyone in there are superior. Libby is amazing- she greets everyone by name and manages the office with calm precision, and both Dr. Jeff and Dr. Justin are equally friendly and efficient as well as talented in their care. This practice truly cares about their patients and makes a treatment plan effective and enjoyable. If more people and businesses modeled themselves after the way you treat your clients with such consistency, what a better place the world would be! Thank you for all you do.

~ Natasha B.


Health Condition: Recent fall

Comments: I want to send this short message to thank you so much for you efforts over the years to relieve my pain. You may not receive too many of these because people don’t take the time to do and say what they really feel. In conversations people will be telling someone of an experience they had that was especially nice and how much they had appreciated what had been done for them, someone returning something lost at great effort to themselves or otherwise going out of their way to do or say something that was really appreciated, but usually that was as far as they went. They always meant to really respond, but time went by, they got busy, lives went on and they never did. I believe I was one of your first patients. You helped me then and over the years I have been able to continue to rely on you. Your expertise is so pronounced that I haven’t had to see you often, and I thank you for that. This last time, now and continuing, has been especially wonderful. Since my fall and the subsequent injury to my back and muscles, your treatments have worked absolute miracles and the pain continues to recede. Having lived almost eighty-seven years, and experiencing pain that occurs more severely and takes much longer to heal than in younger people, I can truly appreciate, and attest to your abilities as to what one can only call you, a… HEALER. Thank you for helping me, for being there for me.

~ Roy S


Health Condition: Neck Pain, Back Pain, and limited range of motion

Comments: When I first came to Cedar Park Chiropractic I suffered from excruciating neck pain, limited range of motion in my neck, and crippling back pain. I arrived at Cedar Park Chiropractic with hesitation and basically as a last ditch effort to relieve pain before consulting an Orthopedic Physician. The staff was polite, professional, and compassionate and seemed to understand my needs. Dr Swanson and his medical team assessed my complaints and consulted with me to explain my issues. The time was taken by the doctor to actually educate me on subluxation and other probable causes of issues such as these. A treatment plan was specifically designed and a plan of action was put in place to get me out of pain. Honestly, I was somewhat a skeptic to chiropractic care, but was at a point where I would try anything for pain relief. After several months of routine care by the doctors at Cedar Park Chiropractic I found that the pain was subsiding and the range of motion in my neck was returning! I could actually turn my neck to change lanes in traffic, and without pain! I was able to get out of bed in the morning with out rolling onto the floor first. Now, after three months of consistent care, I AM PAIN FREE! I am certainly a believer in chiropractic medicine as well as the incredible staff and physicians here at Cedar Park Chiropractic.

Thank you,

~ Patrick B.


Health Condition: Ear Infections, chronic upper respiratory problems; congestion; asthma; allergies

Comments: Since birth my son has had chronic congestion and upper respiratory problems. His physician wanted to put him on allergy medication and a nebulizer for suspected exercise-induced asthma. Since starting treatment with Dr. Swanson his asthma has not flared up, allowing him to be an active 3 year old with no discomfort. For the first time, since birth, he is able to sleep through the night because his cough and congestion are gone. My son loves coming to see Dr. Swanson and has even asked to see him so that Dr. Swanson can, “fix my back,” as he says. He’s a happier and healthier child, and I believe that chiropractic has played a part in that.

~ Libby G for Jordan H


Health Condition: Mid back pain, wrist and arm pain

Comments: I came in a couple months ago with back pain along with pain in my hands, wrist, and arm. I work at a computer all day and I often experienced pain while working. After seeing Dr. Swanson the pain started decreasing and occurring less often. Now, after 20 visits, all that is left is a little ache in my back, at times. I’m very happy with my decision to seek chiropractic care, and more importantly, to come to Dr. Swanson. THANKS!

~ Terry B.


Health Condition: I was involved in a car accident and my neck and back were hurt; I also had severe migraines.

Comments: After going through treatment I feel much better. I hardly have any pain in my back, my neck pain is completely gone, and my migraines have gone from about a 10 to a 3. I can sleep through the night and have no problems in the morning when I wake up. Dr. Swanson did a great job adjusting my neck and back and I just want to say thank you for his time.

~ Brandi R.


Health Condition: Neck pain and numbness and tingling in my right arm for two years.

Comments: One visit with Dr. Swanson made such an improvement in my condition! The numbness and tingling in my hand was gone. I had seen two neurologists, several pain specialists, done physical therapy, X-rays, MRI, and used all kinds of medication with no real relief. If I didn’t continue with my care at Dr. Swanson’s office I would still be in constant pain, not able to function in my daily life. It gives me great peace of mind to know I can come here and walk out feeling better. Sometimes it takes many different techniques to get the job done, but Dr. Swanson always uses all of his skills to get the job done. He and his staff, with their optimistic attitudes, make each and every visit fantastic! Before coming here I wasn’t a believer in chiropractic care, but I sure am NOW!

Thank you Dr. Swanson and your wonderful staff,

~ Kim Mc.E


Health Condition: When I first came to Cedar Park Chiropractic I had hip and sciatic pain form carrying my two year old and exercising with an injury. I had pain from just getting up from a seated position and many of my daily activities.

Comments: After just four visits, my sciatic pain decreased dramatically. Now my back and hip pain are completely gone and I feel like myself again. Now that I’m pain free I’m ready to start running and playing sports again. Dr. Swanson and his staff are very professional and have made this a good experience for me.

~ Kim M.


Health Condition: Sinus problems, headaches, low back pain, numbness in right hand while running.

Comments: Before coming to work for Dr. Swanson I did not know much about chiropractic, and frankly I was nervous about the adjustments. After the initial consultation and treatment I was no longer nervous, and noticed immediate improvement. With regular visits I no longer have the low back pain and my headaches are few and far between. I no longer experience the numbness in my right hand, and the adjustments cut my sinus issues to mere hours instead of days. Treatment with Dr. Swanson has improved my overall health and my physical (running) performance. I’m now such a believer in chiropractic that I try to convince everyone I know that they NEED to seek chiropractic care.

~ Libby G.


Health Condition: Migraines and Scoliosis

Comments: After my treatments I notice immediate relief. I can tell if I miss a treatment. My headaches have been reduced because of Dr. Swanson and his staff. I was skeptical of chiropractors in general, but Dr. Swanson has turned me into a believer. Now I recommend anyone I can.

~ Elyssa McC.


Health Condition: Severe Back Pain

Comments: Not only has my back pain stopped, but general all over feeling of health and well being have greatly improved.

~ Chuma J.


My story is short and sweet. I was having severe pain in my lower back, the hollowing sharp type, and pain in my right leg, continuous pain. After an x-ray to determine where the problem was and following up with just one treatment I remember walking out to my truck and thinking, there is no pain in my leg or my back. And to sum it up I haven’t had a sign of back pain since.

Thanks Dr. Swanson,

~ Vernon M.


I would like to let you know how much better I feel since you treated me with acupuncture. As you are aware, I have been experiencing low back pain intermittently for several years. However, since you recommended acupuncture and I decided to take your advice, I am pain-free in my low back for the first time in several months. I found acupuncture to be relaxing and did not feel anything during the treatment. It absolutely made a difference in my life! I will continue to follow your recommendations for treatment using acupuncture. Thank you so much for your help Dr. Swanson!!!


~ Peggy W.


I have been taking my daughter to see Dr. Swanson since she was about 11 months old and she is now 18 months old. She was having recurring ear infections about once every month prior to me taking her in but since she has been seeing Dr. Swanson she has not had 1 ear infection! I only wish that I had started taking her sooner and that I had taken my son since he had tubes put in his ears before he was 1 year old. Thank you so much Dr. Swanson for always taking care of Emaleigh.

~ Tara S.